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Jodi L Golisek consults with businesses, law firms, and organizations across the United States and around the world to improve their returns from their online investments.

In 1995, Jodi founded Sigma One Group to synergize the expertise of the many managers with whom she had conducted research both here and abroad. In 2001, she left Sigma One Group to join another organization and help them to develop a new market potential. In 2006, Sigma One Group hired Jodi back as the Vice President and manager of The Marketing Department, a full-service marketing agency servicing the needs of small business professionals.

Jodi is the originator of "The Dominator", an online solution with absolutely unparalleled results.

Understanding Domain Names

A "domain name" is an easily recognizable replacement for a set of numeric addresses on the Internet.

The Internet uses complex arrangements of numbers - addresses - to hop from one place to another to find a file and to send information. The numbering scheme would be difficult to remember, but a domain name, which also provides numerous branding and marketing advantages, is easy to remember.

Owning a Domain Name

Domain names are the alphanumeric version of an address on a web server They cannot be "owned per se" any more than your address at your home is owned. You own your home, subject to all the rights that you have given to another entity, such as a mortgage holder, but you do not physically "own" the street address. The same is true of domain names. A person or company does not physically own the domain name, rather, they purchase a license to use the domain name for a specific period of time.

Domain names can be trademark protected, certified, and registered. When these additional steps are taken, the holder(s) of the trademark then owns the right of use to the respective trademarked name.

For more information about trademarks, please refer to the government website:

To verify the availability of the domain name that you would like to use for your website and e-mail, please visit There you will be able to check availability, license domain names, and set up a quick website within minutes with our registrar. If you have any problems or questions, or if we may be of further assistance, please contact

See also: Transferring A Domain Name

Getting and Parking a Domain Name

If you do not yet have a website, you can license the domain name of your choice, and then park it on our servers without additional costs. Parking a domain name keeps it safe until you are ready to use it. To license and park a domain name, please visit

One of the reasons for licensing and parking a domain name is to age it, but to properly age a domain name, it must be 'resident on the web'.

Aging a Domain Name

As is true with many things in life, age does matter, or at least that is what most believe when it comes to domain names, but not quite in the same manner as most claim. Many websites online claim that you can age a domain name by merely owning it; that is not true. A domain name ages from the date of its licensing and deployment onto the World Wide Web. The act of licensing a domain name establishes a date for some purposes (such as trademark or trademark infringement), however, it does not "age" the domain per se on the World Wide Web until such time that the name is made available and is in fact indexed into the search engines.

For that reason, when you visit, you will be able to set up a website quickly to begin the aging process.

We invite you to contact a business and marketing consultant at Sigma One Group to discuss all of your online marketing needs. We are here to help and here to serve.



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