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Several of our clients located in Appleton, Madison, Neenah and Green Bay, Wisconsin practice divorce and family law. They devote their practices to helping people through legal issues involving divorce, custody placement & visitation, paternity, and separation. They also use their expertise in mediation and resolving disputes between both traditional and non-traditional partners. Many are very successful in helping numerous grandparents establish visitation orders to see their grandchildren.

Practice Areas - Wisconsin Family Law

Some of our clients devote a portion of their family law practices to helping people with Pro Se matters. “Pro se” is?Latin for “in one's own behalf.” The right to appear pro se in a civil case in federal court is defined by statute 28 U.S.C. ยง 1654. Thus, with some limitations, anyone can appear pro se, and anyone who appears before the Court without an attorney is considered pro se.

Keep in mind that even attorneys hire a lawyer to represent them,Replica Watches especially in matters involving contested divorce, contested paternity, contested legal custody, physical placement of a child, and marital property agreements.

Basic Estate Planning
Wills & Trusts | Power of Attorney | Health Care Provisions | Long Term Care Concerns

Some of our clients handle basic estate planning, such as a last will and testament and living will. Some also handle medical proxy assignment document, documents naming and assigning a power of attorney, documents for a health care provision, and matters concerning long term care concerns.

Business Law
Contracts | Litigation | Formation

We also help many firms who devote their energies to business law matters, including the establishment of a business and its corporate identity, such as an LLC, an LLP, a C-corp, or a more compext incorporation. The majrotiy of those firms have litigation departments or people assigned to litigating matters for business clients. Contracts is a huge area of contension and litigation, especially for poorly written contracts.

Real Estate Law
Residential Real Estate Law & Buy Sell Transactions | Breitling Navitimer Replica Commercial Real Estate Law & Buy Sell Transactions | FSBO - For Sale By Owner Law & Buy Sell Transactions

On a happier note, as many attorneys refer to it being, "Happy Law", is real estate. By using an attorney who handles real estate transactions, buys and sellers can save thousands of dollars in commission. In most for sale by owner transactions, FSBO for short, an attorney can provide the dire necessary legal expertise. Let's face it, a home is often the largest investment we make. If the title to that home is clouded in some way, hiring a lawyer before the fact (often less than $1k) is a much more beneficial route than hiring one after the fact ($thousands upon thousands of dollars).

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Dane County: Madison, Sun Prairie, Middleton, Wisconsin
Columbia County: Portage, Wisconsin
Dodge County: Juneau, Wisconsin
Jefferson County: Jefferson, Wisconsin
Green County: Monroe, Wisconsin
Iowa County: Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Rock County: Janesville, Wisconsin