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Clients often ask us for a recommendation to a business or contracts attorney to help them form a business, transfer business ownership, bring a new partner into the business, or other matters pertaining to business law, contracts and real estate.

As well, clients have asked us for a referral to an intellectual property attorney or patent attorney for prosecution of a patent. And in some instances, we are asked for referrals to criminal defense lawyers. Often times, it was the third drink at the after-hours cocktail party that ended in the subsequent ticket and the ensuring problem. When a business owner receives a ticket, it can have a tremendous impact on his or her business. In some circumstances, the drunken driving incident is reported on a public website, as is the situation in Wisconsin. (To view your public record, access the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program, often called C-Cap, for short, where you can view your public records). If it is a fifth or subsequent drunk driving ticket, it is a felony offense in Wisconsin. In some instances, drunk driving fines in other states count towards the Wisconsin violation, while in other situations they do not - that is matter that needs to be discussed with your criminal defense lawyer For the purpose of this discussion, it is the felony that is critical. When a business owner applies to a bank for a loan, the bank may ask if the entrepreneur, business owner, or manager - in the case of an LLC - has ever been convicted of a felony; often times, the loan will not be granted if the owner or manager or officer of the company has a felony conviction on his or her record. In some situations, such as a national defense contract, a misdemeanor can be disqualifying.

In situations where a parent intends to bring a child into the business, and the child makes a mistake while in college and that mistake results in a drunk driving violation, it can affect the child's ability to obtain financing, as well as passage into other areas of the business world.

In Wisconsin, a drunk driving offense is called "Operating While Intoxicated" or "Operation While (under the) Influence", with the acronym OWI. In other states, such as Illinois or Michigan, the same offense is called a DUI - Driving Under the Influence - or DWI - Driving While Intoxicated.

In addition to those firms that we can recommend on this site because we have worked with them in the past as a client, if you are seeking another firm, you may want to refer to our "search" discussion for tips on how to find a criminal defense lawyer in your area.



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