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The Dominator Double Black Belt and Black Belt series

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Dominator Doubel Black Belt Series

If you are ready...

The Dominator™® is a process to obtain success.

No tricks.

No gimmicks.

No breaking the rules.

What does it mean to dominate?

The Dominator™®, like all successful leaders, possesses the authority and the power to control, govern, and rule its market. That power is achieved by playing-by and leveraging ALL the rules of the game.

The Dominator™® exerts supreme guiding influence on and over its marketplace.

You might say, The Dominator™® meets all of the definitions of its name - from a vantage point that overlooks all of the other alternatives.

If you are ready...

Ask Sigma One Group for an invitation to The Dominator™® Club.

The Dominator™® is built upon scientific study and research, professional analysis, and logical valid conclusions. It is an online marketing program, not just a website, that far exceeds expectations.

The Dominator™® is a trademark and a service mark for a certified online marketing process. Participation is by invitation only. Market positions are limited.

Dominator Credentials

Dominator™® is a registered trademark name held by Search Engine Marketing Professional Jodi Golisek, a registered trade service process and a trade secret of Sigma One Group. The Dominator™® is the Sigma One Double Black Belt series.


The Dominator Double Black Belt obtains pure outright and complete domination. It is intended for the strongest hearts and bravest business ventures.




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