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Jodi L Golisek consults with businesses, law firms, and organizations across the United States and around the world to improve their returns from their online investments.

In 1995, Jodi founded Sigma One Group to synergize the expertise of the many managers with whom she had conducted research both here and abroad. In 2001, she left Sigma One Group to join another organization and help them to develop a new market potential. In 2006, Sigma One Group hired Jodi back as the Vice President and manager of The Marketing Department, a full-service marketing agency servicing the needs of small business professionals. FindLaw or more specifically, Preston .

Jodi is the originator of "The Dominator", an online solution with absolutely unparalleled results.

Transferring Domain Names

A "domain name" is leased from a registrar and hosted by the domain name host. In most instances, an approved registrar will also serve as the domain name host, with the A records for the domain name pointing to the location hosting the related website. (See Understanding Domain Name Records).

In some situations, a website host will also manage the domain name. If a website is moved, and if the former website host is also hosting the domain name, then you will need to make a decision about the domain name and who will host it.

Sigma One Group handles domain name sales, hosting and management.

Letting Domain Names Expire

If you fail to renew a domain name, it will begin to lapse, and if you do not recover it from its lapse state, then it will become available on the open market. As well, any goodwill or search engine rankings earned with the domain name will also disappear.

Selling Domain Names

If your domain name has earned a tremendous amount of goodwill or favor in the search engines, you may want to sell it. If you are selling the business, you should consult with your attorney to determine if the appropriate valuation has been placed on the domain name of your business, if it is included in the sale, or if there are any restrictions on its use.

Transferring A Domain Name

Each domain registrar provides conditions and terms that apply to domain transfers. If the domain is locked, it cannot be transferred until it is unlocked. Most registrars provide a special code that can be used to transfer a domain name. That code is required for automatic transfers. To conduct an automatic transfer, refer to your domain name host's website or contact them. Most registrars also provide a means by which you can authorize transfers via fax. In almost all instances, a registrar requires verification of a transfer from the administrative or technical contact of the domain name. That verification can be handled via email or fax. If email verification is chosen, then the verification request will be sent to the email address listed with the domain. If you do not have access to the email account listed with the domain (which usually is a violation of the registrar's terms that require you provide an updated email address annually), you should change the email address before beginning the transfer process. If you fail to change the email address BEFORE the process begins, you will not have access to do so. In other words, once the transfer begins, the domain is locked until the transfer is completed.

See also: Transferring A Domain Name | Understanding Domain Name Records

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