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The DOMINATOR™® What is the value of a keyword? Or the perfect key phrase? Or a bunch of outbound links? Or a bunch of inbound links? Has social media replaced optimization? You can't do some things, but you must do other things... and only the right things get the results! The DOMINATOR is designed to help you dominate your marketplace. Call us today at 920-383-1964 and ask how we can partner with you.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing In a world where attention is currency, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to attract the eyes and ears of your target market. Not only are you up against larger companies with nicely funded marketing departments, you're also competing with social media and a multitude of other distractions for the attention of your potential new clients. This is where Sigma One Group matters to you, your company and your future economic position. We help businesses formulate, plan, and execute logical, efficient, and effective marketing strategies, which can attack more visitors to your website, increase customers, enhance branding of your company and products, and increase your bottom line.

Domain Names

Whois Data Reminder Policy At least annually, a registrar must present to the registrant the current Whois information, and remind the registrant that provision of false Whois information can be grounds for cancellation of their domain name registration. Registrants must review their Whois data, and make any corrections. (See ICANN website for more information).

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Click Fraud

Click-fraud (klk frôd): "The unscrupulous act of falsely clicking on pay-pay-click (PPC) ads to steal money from online advertisers".

Spam Information

For matters relating to spam, and other fraudulent business actions, please refer to the Federal Trade Commission, FTC - FTC Website, FTC Consumer Complaint Form Online, Spam Complaint Form Online or send spam to

If you are located in Wisconsin, contact the FBI if you are being criminally harassed Online and speak with the cybercrime division, file a report with the FTC, and file a report with IC3.

For more information about how to reduce the amount of spam you receive or report spam to the Federal Trade Commission visit their website or send spam to

DDoS Attack

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS is an acronym for Distributed Denial of Service. In its most simplistic of terms, it means a website goes down and cannot be accessed.

In its more complex explanation in common terms, a DDoS attack is a set of actions performed at the same or overlapping time, which cause a website to crash. A DDoS attack usually involves many devices that had been previously compromised often times with a virus. It can however involve many people who access a server from a multitude of locations at the same time.

"Distributed" means that the attacks on the web server are made from many different IP addresses. The actual use of multiples of origination addresses is key to being unable to stop the attack because the process of stopping or blocking the attack involves so many other IP address that the server administration team cannot include blocks to that many IP's, or do not wish to block so many. The blocking is not healthy for the server. For example, if all of the origination locations were from one location, the server administration team would simply block that location. However, DDoS attacks usually involve thousands of traffic connections, so the task of blocking all of those is quite impossible. That said, DoS attacks also exist In those, the number of attacking machines differs. Typically, DoS attacks are conducted with scripts on a large network of compromised devices. Other methods exist, such as protocol attacks in which the underlying communications are attacked usually by exhausting resources and leaving the communication handshake incomplete. The server that uses up all resources cannot be available for legitimate connections. Another type of attack can be by way of the overlying application which can be overwhelmed by faked traffic.

"Denial" means that the website cannot possibly serve the immense number of requests.

The 'Service" is the website being 'served' to you. Every time you access a website, your actions cause that website to be called up from the server and rendered to you by way of the code that is interpreted by your browser. If too many requests are made at one time, the server becomes overloaded and, if enough requests are made, unstable. That instability is sometimes referred to as blowing its stacks.

For these reasons and many, many more, it is wise to have a site's server monitored 24 x 7. Tools exist for such monitoring and server attacks. As well, even simple traffic reports can evidence an attack.

Why are DDoS attacks conducted?

The initial primary purpose of a DD0S attack is usually to harm the website owner or the server owner. When the DDoS attack renders the website inaccessible, people cannot conduct business on it, such as ordering items.

Other objectives may also exist, such as just generally harassing by depriving others of access to the website. More sinister reasons include accessing other files on the server or within the data environment, making money from selling the DDoS attack as a service, and reselling the access information.

How do DDoS attacks occur?

A DDoS Attack can occur in a multitude of manners.

Blowing the stacks? Cybercriminals who perform DDoS attacks often use a network of compromised devices, although we have seen a multitude of various devices intentionally access a service simultaneously. Data warehouses often maintain numerous connectivity means into the data warehouse and onto the websites hosted there.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality refers to the fact that nobody ought to be able to exercise full control over the Internet or any sector on the Internet.

Branding - Market Identity

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