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Web & Mobile Development


Sigma One Group can create strong and effective web presences for any size business. We specialize in designing powerful branding and developing custom websites that fit you and your business needs.

We develop amazing creative designs that are visually pleasing, while always staying on brand. Our highly interactive designs push the envelope of what's possible in modern web browsers, but always ensure that the design complements and enhances the user experience and never detracts from it.

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Custom Web Development

A design from scratch to construct you and your business a truly customizable user experience online.


There are a number of methods for mobile website development, and the most suitable approach will depend on your organization's particular needs. We create a custom .mobi mobile website for your specified domain name.

Responsive Web Development

Mobile users are taking over, and for companies to be successful in the new mobile-dominant internet space, their websites must be optimized seamlessly for all devices. This is where Sigma One Group comes in, we create a redesign of your website to a custom responsive web design. This will allow your website to automatically adapt to any mobile or desktop device (depending on screen size) so it can be viewed properly. Responsive design gives your potential new customers the ultimate user experience and performance.

Content Strategy

We can create a customized logo design for you and your business. Or we can revamp the one you have now.

Publishing & Copywriting

More infomation coming soon!