"Bridging the gap between expectation and realization since 1995."


Sigma One Group Redefines The Meaning of Marketing Agent
Taking your online business presence to the next level on the world wide web.

Sigma One Group helps businesses formulate, plan, and execute logical, efficient, and effective marketing programs, and provides world class stellar support when you need it, how you need it, and where you need it.

Our Advantages

Sigma One Group, LLC was established in 1994 and has since pioneered new frontiers online.

Our team of experts possess extensive esoteric knowledge, programming expertise, and skill and ability in formulating the project requirements and executing projects ranging from small websites to complete "Go To Market" campaigns.
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What is the value of a keyword? Or the perfect key phrase? Or a bunch of outbound links? And a bunch of inbound links? You can't do some things, but you must do other things... and only the right things get the results!

Search Engine Optimization has become as important as belonging to the right golf club - our clients say it is more important because of immediate and massive results. We can help you get found.
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“I have been doing business with Jodi and Sigma One for several years. The work product and results are excellent. The staff is very knowledgeable, accommodating, and helpful.”

~ T.R.

“Thank you for your professionalism and hard work on our website and our marketing analysis projects. You're marketing skills were quite evident in both projects.... ”

~ D.D.

“I came in contact with Sigma One Group while exploring job opportunities in Appleton Wisconsin. My immediate impressions were those of an educated and knowledgeable professional.... ”

~ M.C.

Our Services

We were the founders of outsourced marketing departments for law firms. It was such a great idea, FindLaw copied it. Not only do we act as your marketing department at affordable rates, we also provide well-designed, hand-crafted, browser-tested, CSS-driven websites with appealing graphic layout, rather than Word Press-based sites or those developed with apps and modules. Does it matter? The results speak for themselves! Yes, it matters!

We pride ourselves on providing a quick turn-around time and personal service.
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