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Google Ad Sense

Does It Make Sense For You?

Google AdSense is an online marketing program offered by Google, the search engine. It's purpose is to allow website developers to place Google AdWords' advertisements on the websites that they maintain. With a script that looks like the script below, the ad string at the bottom of the page appears to visitors. If a visitor clicks on one of those links, the advertiser is charged for a click-through in their AdWords campaign, and the originator of that click-through receives a stipend in their respective AdWords account. In essense, it is a means by which AdWords may appear on Google (right side and top ads), as well as other advertiser's websites.

Originally, the ads were matched to the content on the page. So, if you had a website about your criminal defense firm that displayed information about your criminal defense lawyers, then the ads would be for competing criminal defense lawyers. The program provided a means by which the advertiser could specificy the geographic area in which their advertisements would appear, but not particular websites.

Today, AdSense matches both the content on the page and the types of visitors that the site attracks. In this manner, Google seeks to place advertisements in the bar that are related to both the market that the website competes within and the market to whcih the website promotes its services or goods.

From our experience, AdSense produces a tremendous volume of traffic. If the program is managed properly, the majority of that traffic is from the 'ideal target market". We have worked with many clients to help them manage the program. If you going it alone, just be sure to read all the fine print, the disclaimers, and the guidelines. In that information, you will find the details and instructions for setting a "cap" on the monthly budget, managing the display of the ad (manually or automatically), along with a wealth of information about keywords and phrase. **Note: the keywords and phrases listed in Google are based on competitive bidding results as bid by competing AdWords users and may not reflect the most popular searched terms used on the web.

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Google Script Example For AdSense Placement

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-9768584936605826";
google_ad_width = 728;
google_ad_height = 15;
google_ad_format = "728x15_0ads_al";
google_ad_channel ="6634686086";
google_color_border = "000000";
google_color_bg = "333333";
google_color_link = "7F7F7F";
google_color_text = "000033";
google_color_url = "0066CC";
<script type="text/javascript"

Actual AdSense Example