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Sigma One Group Website Design  & Online Marketing


The Legal Side of Search Engine Marketing

This session will offer an introduction to legal issues that affect SEOs and online businesses, including what to do to protect your content from theft (copyright law), how to protect your brand and properly compare competitors (trademark law), and how to avoid getting sued over your content if it mentions someone else (libel law). Advice will also be given on how to deal with legal issues between different countries.

Date: TBA

Business Ethics Pledge


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Website design & development updates for successful online marketing

What is a Domain Name?

What is a domain name? What does it do? And how does one get a domain name?

Domain Names
Whois Data Reminder Policy

At least annually, a registrar must present to the registrant the current Whois information, and remind the registrant that provision of false Whois information can be grounds for cancellation of their domain name registration. Registrants must review their Whois data, and make any corrections. (See ICANN website for more information).

Check your domain registration information (Type it in the WhoIs lookup).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has become as important, if not more important than belonging to the right golf club. More Information

Net Neutrality

Net what? Net neutrality refers to the fact that nobody ought to be able to exercise full control over the Internet, or for that matter, over any sector on the Internet. Click here for more information about Net Neutrality

Reciprocal Linking?
To link or not to link? That is the question...

Reciprocal linking (exchanging links between two websites) can provide benefit as well as detriment if not managed properly. (SEM Marketing Post - Jodi Golisek on Reciprocal Linking)

Got a problem with your domain?

Have you ever wondered how to register a complaint about a domain host? Report domain problems to InterNIC

Is your Website W3C compliant??

W3C is an acronym for World Wide Web Consortium, and while you may not have heard of them before now, they set the standards for the World Wide Web and websites on the web.

Structure and content are critically important to the success of a website. The most frequent abuses of the ethical and Internet standards of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) are headers used excessively and needlessly, scripts written improperly, and keywords used improperly.

W3C provides a free tool for you to evaluate your website for compliance under the W3C professional and ethical standards of website development and code:

For a list of website development agencies who build websites in accordance with W3C standards, click W3C Compliant Website.

Anchor Text

How often do you see a hyperlink on the words "click here" or a link to a contact page that says "contact us"? For the typical website developer, it is nearly second nature to link information on a page to another page on the words "click here", and to link to the contact page for the law firm, the agency, or the business on the words "contact us". When you review your website before publication, be sure to watch out for those links. (Why you should not do the "click here" and "contact us" link).

Wisconsin Newspapers

A free list of newspapers in Wisconsin.


Celebrating Legal Excellence
Announcing a new website Celebrating Legal Excellence puts a twist on CLE's by showcasing attorneys whom have received awards from their fellow lawyers, legal associations and other authorities on the law. A great resource to find the best lawyers.

Server-based solutions for dedicated servers. A White Paper: Helping End Users Understand Filtered Electronic Mail (E-mail).

Trademark updates

Provisional patent application filed by Sigma One Group with USPTO., OneAttorney, One Attorney,, 1 Attorney and 01Attorney trademarked by One Attorney, LLC.

"Perfecting the correllation between expectation and realization", trademarked by Sigma One Group.

"From desk top to world wide web", trademarked by Sigma One Group.

Sigma One Group is a trademark of Sigma One Group.

Jodi L. Golisek named president at Sigma One Group, Inc.

Search Optimization and Search Marketing are two entirely different animals, says Jodi Golisek, Certified Professional Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Optimization


Online advertising now rivals TV advertising and extends its reach far beyond that of TV's. Online advertising - websites and placements - exceed expectations.

Lawyers - Do You Have a Copy of Your Website?

According to the rules of professional conduct, a lawyer must retain copies of every advertisement placed bearing the lawyer's law firm name, the lawyer's name, or the name of any lawyer in the firm.

Lawyers - Copy Your Website

Every lawyer is held professionally responsible for all advertisements bearing his or her name. American Bar Association provides links to each state's advertising rules. For information about your state's rules, please visit the ABA's website, or click on this link to the information about state advertising guidelines for lawyers.

Sigma One Group will not knowingly create a website that violates the ABA's rules.

Disclaimer Notice

The information on this website is generalized and not intended as advice or a consultation as it may not apply to your particular market conditions or needs. If you have any questions or if we may be of assistance, please contact a web developer, server technical, or manager at Sigma One Group. Copyright Sigma One Group Inc. 2006.

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