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Sigma One Group LLC


Sigma One Group LLC respects the privacy of every individual and company with whom they work and will not disclose private and confidential information about any client unless compelled to do so by order of a court with jurisdiction over Sigma One or the client and then only to the limits of such court order. Sigma One Group will not disclose trade secrets, sales information, business practices, or methods unless such information is available in the public, is obvious, or lacks uniqueness that would reasonably be presumed for patent rights as such would be the case where information were otherwise available or was known to be available prior to disclosure. This notice serves as our notice of nondisclosure and intellectual property protection notice and agreement.

The recommendations made by Sigma One Group to its clients are made upon the best possible foundations and for the best purposes and intent. A client's reliance upon that information is at the client's risk.


Sigma One Group LLC utilizes a vast array of information for statistical purposes. The servers upon which Sigma One's website and the websites of Sigma One's clients reside gather statistical information for marketing purposes. Sigma One is not liable for the results of that information nor any resulting damages caused thereby.



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